How to become an ideal housewife !

A married woman is never alone, whether her husband is with her or not, she is never alone. Marriage is about enjoying the company of your Husband and also your family as I have seen in my life.

So whether the husband is busy or distant, the most important for the woman is to just be satisfied with her work, role as a wife or even as a Mother. If you have children, look after them, take care of them, enjoy their presence. Children are the most giving joy creatures in this world, they are the best companions, the source of joy and innocence as we learn in Sahaja Yoga. 
Despite your worries, making complaints, getting angry and tired of the fact that we are not looked by the husband, one has to create a source of joy around her as a housewife. That principle can be developed as we work out the GruhaLakshmi aspect of our left nabhi and there are ways to do that in Sahaja Yoga.
Do your daily duties, take care of the home and children and go at work peacefully. At times you may feel left out or neglected but the best way is to make this feeling dissapear by ”welcoming the Goddess in one’s heart”and that can be done by the awakening of the kundalini by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s grace. Where the Goddess resides women are never sad, even though people may do things to try and make them feel low. 

But the qualities of the Godess are so invincible that when a particle of sadness enters in you it gets immediately transformed into waves of joy.
Smile with flowers, enjoy the company of pets, dogs, cats, birds and nature. All the Gods and Goddesses are around you, all the angels are around you, they are in the elements: earth, water, air, fire, ether.

But first thing to do if you want to enjoy their company and forget all the nonsensical things that make you unhappy is to become able to help and understand them through vibrations. You have to develop the sensibility of filling invisible presences. Angels and Deities  are Divine beings and if you want to feel them you must have a certain spiritual sensibility and if you want to see them, talk to them, you must become also spirit.
I don’t say that you have to die but you must be able to feel your Self through the awakening of the Holy Spirit that is no where than in your self.

The Holy Spirit or Kundalini is already with every man or woman since their birth and sleeps at the base of the back bone in the triangular bone called as ”Sacrum”.

It’s Sacrum, it’s Sacred, there is a secret hidden in this bone : the holy spirit.

So marriage has become a bit complicated these days because men and women do not have the same preoccupations, men think like men and women like women. So women who are obedient to their husbands and who feel a little neglected in the fact that they are all the time busy with their jobs, busy with this, with that or may have adventures here and there but should never think about divorce because it will waste your image and reputation.
You are bound by a bond of marriage okay, it’s subscribed on heart and heaven. So the person who does not accomplish his duties to his life partner will be punished by God. So no divorce because you divorce physically not spiritually and these habits of divorces has indeed created lots of confusion and insecurity in the atmosphere.

Through Sahaja Yoga you will never feel heart broken and deceived once you become ” One with the Divine world”.

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