How kind and compassionate Shri Mataji was

Shri Mataji and Sir CP were living in Mumbai in the Shipping Corporation flat, on Napean Sea Road, when Sir CP was Shipping Corporation Chairman. A few floors down lived Mrs Batra, the wife of Admiral Batra, who knew Shri Mataji very well and related this story to me.

She told me how kind and compassionate Shri Mataji was. If anyone in the building fell sick She would go their flat and heal them. Once Mrs Batra’s son got a high fever and it would not go down. She phoned Shri Mataji. The ladies used to call Her Nirmala. Shri Mataji immediately went downstairs and for a long time worked on the little boy. He recovered.

This is from one who is not a Sahaja Yogi and whose experience of meeting Shri Mataji was very pleasant.

Deepa Mahajan