1960-1980Chapter 12Experiences

Holding hands

The perfect mother | Sahajayoga Reviews

Sahaja Yoga seminars began and one of the early ones was in a place called Easthampstead Park in 1978. We all stayed there together for the weekend and various yogis organized workshops and showed slides. I seem to remember Shri Mataji arriving at lunchtime on Saturday.

Each of us had threaded a flower to make a greeting garland. One of the meditations, which we did there under Mother’s instigation, was to form a chain, holding hands with one grateful yogi holding Mother’s hand. In those days, we were so few that we could each wash Shri Mother’s Feet. We could meditate in a small room in front of Shri Mataji in person. We could massage Mother’s Feet and we could go down to Her Feet.

Marilyn Leate