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Her perfume of beautiful vibrations

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I met Shri Mataji in 1983 at Heathrow Airport. I took along a big bunch of flowers and was waiting to give them to Her with everyone else. She arrived, and was smaller than I imagined. She had a glorious smile on Her face. I saw one yogi standing there with his hands out towards Shri Mataji and I wondered what he was doing. It was as if he was breathing in deep breaths. I realised he was sucking in Shri Mataji’s vibrations. When Shri Mataji came over to me and took my bunch of flowers, I too felt that incredible bliss that this man was feeling. I understood why he was standing there, so serene, with his hands out to Shri Mataji, and I too was breathing in Her perfume of beautiful vibrations. That was my first experience of Shri Mataji and I felt so totally joyful and blissful.

Leanne Huet

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