1981-1983Chapter 24Experiences

From now on we will bring gifts for the boys

When I came here as Shri Sita | Sahajayoga Reviews

Back in early years, when I was a small child, Shri Mataji would visit for pujas and public programmes She would always bring gifts for the women, but not for the men. I did not enjoy the feeling of being left out. So one day after She arrived and laid out all the gifts for the ladies very nicely and everyone was enjoying.

‘Mother, how come you only bring gifts for the girls?’ I spoke my piece from the back of the room, boldly crossing my little arms. I remember a few people in the room gasping and everyone looking at me.

‘You hear that, how come I don’t bring gifts for the boys?’ Shri Mataji said. Everyone looked around, not knowing what to say, and then She kindly stated, ‘He is correct, from now on we will bring gifts for the boys as well. Alright?’ I smiled and was very excited about the prospect of the gifts I would receive the next time She came to town.

You’ve got to love the liberties of being a child in the presence of Her Holiness, Jai!

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