1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

Forgive the white people

These recollections are from a public programme in Hampstead Town Hall, London.

‘Where’s he catching?’ Shri Mataji asked, while working on a young man who followed a certain cult*, a newcomer.

‘Agnya,’ someone replied.

‘Forgive, forgive the white people,’ She said loudly, then, ‘Ha! Got it.’

At the same programme She was working on an older intellectual man, Her hands pressing on his head.

‘Hmm, you’ve read too many books. What books have you read?’ She asked. The gentleman reeled out a list of impressive authors, including some so-called literary masterpieces. ‘No good, no good, these are catching up your Swadishthan and Agnya. You should read Barbara Cartland*, she’s a realised soul.’
*Editor’s note: members of this cult are of African origin, and Barbara Cartland was a writer of light romantic novels.

Marilyn Leate