1960-1980Chapter 6Experiences


Thirsty work | Sahajayoga Reviews

Foot soaking was the first cleansing technique that I learnt from Shri Mataji and She asked us to do this right from the beginning. She simply told us to ‘sit in the water’; to put warm water and salt  into a suitable plastic bowl, sit with our feet in the water and place both hands out towards Her photograph, palms upward,  preferably with a lighted candle in front of the photo. It was a general treatment, there were no cold foot soaks for the right side, or anything like that. Shri Mataji’s simple description of ‘sitting in the water’ actually led to an amusing incident where we discovered one yogi had been doing exactly that, lowering his bottom into a bowl of water!

Shri Mataji laughed when She discovered this and said it had been good for his Mooladhara chakra.

Pat Anslow