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First Experiences in Meditation

This is my first time.

I’m very conscious, so that I’m always thinking about something and the next thing ahead and multiple things. So, I’m interested by the idea of sort of emptying my head but I’m not sure whether that’s going to work.

I find it hard to just not think about anything.

Purpose of today is to learn how to meditate. We’ll try to do that and give you the experience of meditation with minimum talking. So, forgive us if we don’t give you too much information of everything, because that’s not relevant. The relevant part is what we feel within ourselves.

I didn’t feel it at first because apparently the chap next door to me, he’s obviously right into this and said I wasn’t doing it right, I didn’t have my hand far enough away and I felt the tingling, funny sensation in both of my middle fingers and I thought, wow!

I could feel the coolness between my head, not a breeze but a coolness. It wasn’t particularly in my fingers, but it was in the palm of my hand, which I thought was interesting.

It felt kind of quite nice, quite relaxing. I’m not sure I was getting any chakras going anywhere or anything like that. I’m a little skeptical, to be honest.

I felt tingling in my hands.

Excellent. Really, really good.

Very refreshing.

Yeah, it was very relaxing.

It was good to switch my mind off, I guess.

It happened quite spontaneously, not for a long time, just for a short time, just in the winds.

First, my mind was still going through things but then we had three sessions of it and at the last one, I felt as if I was really there most of the time, I wasn’t drifting off a lot. Today, to have that where it was just nothing, it was wonderful.

It felt quiet, in my head. And that surprises me. I think there’s too much going on in my head, so it was very calm and quiet moment, which is good.

Really anticipating, I want to practice that and enjoy enhancing that.

Interestingly, I felt calm as I came into the room and then it became quieter and quieter. So, whether I’m just in the right place, right now in learning this, it just felt like it all just fell into place, which was great.

I came here quite stressed and I’m feeling very, very relaxed at the moment. So, I’m hoping that I’ll be disciplined enough to put it into practice when I get home.


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