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Experience Sharing By Mahendra Vyas – Adishakti Puja 2018

Speaker: Jai Shri Mataji please wait 2-3 minutes I don’t feel right if I could not reveal the feeling in my heart given by Shri Mataji. Anyone who joins Sahaj yoga he instantly receives Shri Mata ji’s blessing I would not take much time. If we pray with your heart to mother then Shri Mataji will definitely give you her blessings. It is a very small incident, when we have any marriage here we wait for a miracle that Shri Mataji may erect all your pandal and do all your work and all the procession may come. Shri Mataji takes care of it. When we went to give an invitation to Shri Mataji and I have two daughter and circumstances happened such that during both of their marriage invitation it was December and both of their marriage held in January- February within one year gap. And in Nagole I put both of the horoscopes in holy feet of Shri mother. And circumstances happened that both of their timing came in Nagole Pooja, now you please don’t start to believe that we have any tradition that if we have any marriage in January and February and we went to give the card there to Shri Mataji. How does the Miracle start with pure desire? We kept the card in Nagole and in January – February the marriage held.

In Ratlam, there is Shri Mataji’s darbar and I kept the invitation card in her throne. When you have gone to invite Shri Mataji in the wedding now you have to donate something there or leave a envelope with money there, so that Shri Mataji can come to attend in that way. The devotion you have according to that Shri Mataji will come. Every Sahaj is saying that we must donate something from our salary.

Whoever is arranging the marriage of their daughter they spend beyond their capacity be it

2 Lakhs, 5 Lakhs, 20 lakhs, 25 Lakhs, 50 Lakhs. So in that way, every person spends beyond their capacity in their daughter’s marriage and he thinks that I will keep doing these items and maximum people can come and have the meal here. I went to Shri Mataji’s Darbaar and gave blank envelope, then why Shri Mataji will save your money? I have come after leaving the card only.

The Miracle starts from that day if you have gone to Shri Mataji is Durbar and donated 10 to 12000 rupees with devotion now it is her work to make this 21 thousand to 21 lakh that is to save 2.1 Lakhs rupees is Shri Mataji’s work that is the miracle. Shri Mataji save your life because you have to look after your family that’s why Shri Mataji is saving your life, his children will become distressed. Shri Mataji saves your life because she wanted you to do her Sahaj yoga’s work. You have to spread Sahaj yoga further. The money you are donating in the name of Shri Mataji is useless for her. Instead, she says your 2.5 Lakh, 5 Lakh rupees. I arrange the marriage of my two daughter and with Shri Mata  ji’s  blessings there in-laws house are near and I didn’t open the account and in this age to arrange the marriage of two daughters in one year it is not possible without Shri Mataji miracle. And here I didn’t give anything in a donation to Shri Mataji. It is not that I am telling you to donate money but from there our surrender comes. I would like to say one small incident, Shri Mataji saved me from three rail accidents and when in the next day in the paper when you saw that these much people are saved then you understand that you are saved by Shri Mataji grace.

And first time I felt crying when Shri Mataji had made me coordinated in Sahaj yoga. After I became the coordinated I had no knowledge about it and other than dispute there is nothing in the centre, and everyone says that I do not want to become a coordinator. On that day I understand that why Shri Mataji has saved me from three rail accidents it is the Miracle of Shri Mataji. Why is she had saved me because in future she needed me to contribute in some work? There are many miracles that I have experienced but this is the one but if I continued talking about it then you might get late for the dinner. Jai Shri Mata ji.

Dr Rajesh: What brother have told I was thinking of telling it but he has said all the things. And it is 100% true that not for Shri Mataji but for yourself only if you spend 10 rupees in Sahaj yoga when it is going to be 1000 rupees there is no any bank of the world which can return that much amount like our Sahaj yoga Bank.


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