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Experience Sharing By Atmaram Misra – Adishakti Puja 2018

Mr Atma Ram Mishra: Jai Shri Mataji my name is Atma Ram Mishra I am from Hardoi Centre, Uttar Pradesh. As all the brothers have said it is very true that…

Hello. Jai Shri Mataji, we have our works done by Shri Mat we all know that who Shri Mataji is she is Adi Shakti we have our works done by her but what we do for her? Only a small miracle I have been in Sahaj for 24 years and now this is the 25th year. Shri Mataji always have said that to make pure desire and when we do pure desire and when your wishes get completed then why not Shri Mataji’s project be completed? This are all shortcomings in us.

I would like to tell you about a miracle, we take an oath in Hardoi that “Shri Mataji please make your building through your children” and at that time we have 3.3 lakh Rupees fund, when we meet collectively we used to talk about this. What happened was we did meeting together. And saw a plot. There was a piece of land which I got 20 years ago as a gift, there happened that their daughter coaxed the land from my mother that we had returned, after returning we saw a land of 36k sq ft area. We got that land in 7.5 lakh where as we had only 3.3 lakhs cash. We did the meeting and how Shri Mataji had provided the cash and we got that land and from the trust, we get 3 lakh rupees to make the boundary wall but we didn’t build the boundary wall we built the foundation from it. Then did the meeting together. Believe me that if we honestly donate one month’s income from our 12 month’s salary to our project then no work can stop. We thanks Mother by saying that we sold a 2000 object in 25,000 but what we have done for Shri Mataji? What have I done for her project? Believe me, our Hardoi centre built within 2 years and 98 lakh rupees has been spend till now and since the starting, the work has not stopped for any moment. There is no work of Shri Mataji that is halted. It is not a big thing but we must have pure desire whatever you have got honestly according to your reverence donate anything whatever income you have annually be it from agriculture or from your job, if you donate one months income to the project.

I would also like to add a small thing as time is very limited, when we started this project the registration completed in 7.5 lakh, but the work came to halt, I had a plot so I told Shri Mataji that we need 50 lakh rupees for this plot. And we were worried as we were in shortage of fund and it is unlikely that we will be getting fund from anywhere.

So there was a customer who said to me that “I will give you 50 lakh rupees” and we were due to register in next week, and eventually he took a year to register. He said “you take advance from me” but I said “I don’t take advance nor I give advance” please register it.

So one day he called me and said please initiate the registration process, he said: “how much the price of land was fixed?” I asked him “you say?” He said “40 lacs”. I said “no, I am not going to give you that, as it was fixed in 50 lacs. Please give me that”. He said “no I am not going to take it” and I said “I will not give you in even 80 lacs either”. Then he came to 50 lakhs, but then I said “I’ll not give you even in one crore you are a big lier, you are lawyer from profession, you are dishonest person”. I quickly did plotting that piece of land and we got 10 plots and out of these were sold two plots in 25 lakhs in the start. Shri Mataji’s project didn’t came halt the work continued, we spend that 25 lakh rupees on it  and now 8 plots are remaining. You have no shortage of money, whenever any person come here from any centre I used to took him to show Shri Mataji’s temple we never asked for money to anyone just we show them the temple take them from the vehicle.

Who is coming from where, they are coming it is all she is doing. Even today also the work is going on so if we make pure desire and work for Shri Mataji… if she can make our work completed then why cannot she complete her own work Jai Shri Mataji.

Dr Rajesh: And a good example for this is our Mr Chawla who is sitting here he has to build a big Ashram in Haridwar it was built in this pattern it was pending for a long time so they did the same thing they donated their one months salary. If someone was hainh 2 lakh a month he donated them all. Show a big clap for Pujari ji.



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