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The left Mooladhara, if that is affected, then diseases like AIDS, STD, also muscle disorders, like muscular dystrophy come from the Mooladhara. In ladies, we have fibroid uterus, this also we need to work on. These are the chakras that need to be worked upon when we have these physical symptoms or you have the physical diseases. So, fibroid uterus, we work on the left Mooladhara.

Then the Swadhisthana chakra, the second chakra, diabetes. There’s a combination catch as we have shown yesterday also, so it comes from rights Swadhisthana, Agnya, right Agnya and left Nabhi. infertility is both Swadhisthana being affected but too much of right side also leads to infertility. Sciatica is also both sides, if the pain is coming from the left side then we work on left Swadhisthana but if the pain is going. In small children we have attention deficit disorder, that is also over activity of right Swadhisthana chakra.

Coming to the left, any infection whether it is bacterial infection of fungal or any viral infection then it is the left Swadhisthana which needs to be worked upon. Slipped disc, that also left Swadhisthana, lumbago- left Swadhisthana. As I said, infertility of childlessness, both Swadhisthana are affected. So it is over activity of the right Swadhisthana and plus it could also be, we have to check the vibrations whether it is the right of the left Swadhisthana.

Coming to the Nabhi chakra, the diseases which are coming from the Nabhi chakra, acidity, it can lead to peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer. For attention, we work on the liver, the upper part of the liver is under the control of right Nabhi and lower part of the liver is under control of Swadhisthana. For liver, the attention, we need to work on both the Nabhi as well as the Swadhisthana chakra. Jaundice, again the liver is affecte. We spoke of diabetes which has become sort of an endemic disease. It is the right Swadhisthana and also the left Nabhi is affected in diabetes, along with the right Agnya.

This is another thing, like the spleen, Shri Mataji has spoken about leukemia. Th spleen is under control by the left Nabhi chakra. The person is hurrying a lot so right side is overactive. Th spleen goes into disorder and gives rise to leukemia. In arthritis, various joints are affected, we need to work on the left side. In the body, parts of the body are controlled by different chakras. We have the knees and the elbows which is the Nabhi chakra, the wrists and the ankles is the Vishuddhi chakra and the hips and the shoulders will be the Swadhisthana. Joints are affected, we need to work on the left side. Allergy is a left side but if it is giving you heat in the body, we to work on the right side, right Nabhi. Urticaria, as we shared with you yesterday, if it is excessive heat we work on the right Nabhi. If not, it is the skin diseases coming from the left Nabhi chakra

Coming to the Void. Void is affected when the [5:07] is attacked so we get even cancer like diseases coming. Then you have irritable bowel syndrome which is coming from the void being affected. In cancer, the void is affected and ekadash rudra also need to be worked on. Again Void, if you have diarrhea or abdominal discomfort it is the void that needs, along with the Nabhi chakra it needs to be worked upon. So in irritable bowel or colitis, it is the Nabhi and Void which need to be worked upon. Coming to the Anahata chakra. When the right heart is affected you get myocardial infarction. Too much of overactivity, even if we are physically active as well as mentally and then we go to the gym, we end up with myocardial infarction. We find young people getting heart attacks, it is because of the overactive right Swadhisthana, the heat going to the right heart and we get myocardial infarction. Palpitations, arrhythmias, all coming from overactive right side. Again if Anahata is affected, the heat going to the lungs, it gives us bronchial asthma.
I think we missed out on the left heart. If the left side of the heart is affected, if there is a clot anywhere which is giving rise to, in stroke if it is hemorrhage then it is the overactive right side and if it is a clot or a thrombus then it is the left side that needs to be worked upon.

The left Vishuddhi, if the person is feeling guilty, then angina comes up. The central heart, the fear in small children. The central heart, as Shri Mataji said, it is a place where antibodies are formed so all autoimmune diseases coming from the central heart being affected and also breast cancer is coming when the central heart is affected. Coming to the Vishuddhi chakra. The heat from the Swadhisthana chakra and the Mooladhara going up, coming up to the Vishuddhi, you can end up with high blood pressure and hyperthyroid.

As [8:22] said yesterday, running nose, a simple thing like running nose, it is your right side so you just put ice on the liver and you will be cured of this. Dry eyes, too much usage of the gadgets, electronic gadgets, mobile phones and laptops, giving dry eyes, computers. We’ll share with you all the treatment parts. First showing you the things that happen.

Left Vishuddhi, the left side is overactive, then you get low BP, hypothyroid, sinusitis, spondylosis. Spondylosis is like sciatica, if it is to the left side we need to clear the left Vishuddhi. If the pain is going to the right side or it is centrally located, then we work on the right channel. Blocked nose, hypothyroid. Coming to the Angya chakra, the pituitary and pineal glands, hot temper it is the right side.

The pineal gland is the right Agnya. Lots of thought is also right Agnya. Inability to sleep. Then, coming to the left Agnya, memory, it is under the control of left Agnya. To have a good memory, we can work on the left Agnya. If you are not able to recollect anything, just do the Mahavir mantra and you will remember what you need to. The pituitary is under the control of, so pituitary tumor or something, then the left Agnya needs to be worked on. Depression also. Epilepsy is the back Agny. If a person is having epilepsy, we need to work on the back Agnya.

Coming to the Sahasrara. We say Mahamaris, that is when we have diseases like leprosy. If Saharsara is catching, diseases like leprosy can present and tuberculosis is another common disease, it is the overheated left side. Normally, the left side we work with the fire element but in tuberculosis it is overheated left side so we do not work with the candle but we tell you how to work on it. Congenital problems, children born with some congenital heart disease or some congenital anomaly, we need to prey to Shri Mataji in the form of Lord Ganesha. Basic clearing techniques.

All the problems that have been listed under the left side, the common treatments that we are doing is 3 candle treatment, the matka treatment, foot soak. If it is too much left side, like in epilepsy, we do not make foot soak, we just work with the fire element. But if not, when we make foot soak it is with lukewarm water and in meditation, we meditate with left hand to Shri Mataji and right hand on the Mother Earth.

The right side clearing techniques: we make the foot soak, use the ice-pack, ice-pack to the liver, to the right Swadhisthana, to the right Agnya and as you said in diabetes, also to the back Agnya. In meditation, we meditate with right hand to Shri Mataji and left hand to the sky. Audiovisual is more receptive so we just try to put it there. Having covered basically [12:54] like diseases, our aim is to become joyous and not depressive with Sahaja yoga but we do tend to have these physical ailments for which we do need to work on our individual chakras and the main thing, apart from the clearing techniques which help us to work on our chakras, it is the meditation which is the final and our ability to become thoughtless, to be able to surrender to Shri Mataji, for which a very simple way is prayer.

If you have somebody in your family who is not well or in your collective who is not well, a very simple way which we find, because sometimes, we are not sure whether our prayers are answered like, waiting Shri Mataji or not, she has said that bandhan is like putting a telephone call to me, connecting to me and writing a note and keeping it in
front of Shri Mataji’s altar, that we find it very, very effective. Whatever issue we have and it is not getting resolved, we just write a letter to Shri Mataji and keep it in front of Shri Mataji’s altar. We find that whatever is good for us, it happens. Whatever her decision is, whatever things are there they get resolved by the simple 2 or 3 things, it is prayer, putting bandhan or writing a note and keeping it in Shri Mataji’s altar.

Having said that, there are few things that a collective would like to know. First I would like to congratulate all of you here because of your dedication, of your staying in this country and trying so hard to evolve individually, as well as spread Sahaja yoga and grow collectively. So, a big hand for all of you. For us in India it is very easy, we are all from small time, we are all praying to Shri Mataji and it is very easy. But the world that you live in, wherein, as doctor has said, drug addiction is there and all the social issues are there, you are coming to Sahaja yoga and the dedication you have for Shri Mataji it is amazing. The collective spirit is to be inculcated in all of us.

[16:08] question from the audience

Give it to water. You can keep it until your issue is resolved and it works out. So we put it to water. There are things the collective would like to know. It is about matka treatment and how to know and heal [16:41] and best effective treatment foe Vishuddhi chakra because I think it is land of Shri Krishna and Voind and about different photographs of Shri Mataji and how to improve vibrations of the house. Some tips and some personal experiences which helped you grow in Sahaja yoga.

Doctor [17:11] will speak about how we make the matka. In India, we get the clay pot, it is used to clear our left side and here I think you all use paper bags because the clay pot is not

-Jai Shri Mataji. I think it is clear to you by doctor Madhur Rai and doctor Sandip Rai. Matka treatment, how to make matka. It’s the left side treatment. You has an earth pot, if it’s not possible you have a paper bag and put 7 chilies and 18.08

Madhur rai: This matka is something that we are doing because it is available in India but as convenient to you in the West, as we shared yesterday with the collective, Shri Mataji vibrated lemons and chilies and put it in the handkerchief. Whatever Shri Mataji tried to show was you have to be a Roman in Rome. So, whatever is available, she showed us by doing such things, by example, don’t be [18:54] about anything nor you must have a matka or something. Even in a handkerchief she has vibrated lemons and chilies, so whatever is available you can use it but later on dispose of it.

-So you can make it like this, 7 chilies, 7 lemons, put [19:16] there. If you are keeping in handkerchief, don’t put any water but just sprinkle water over it. all the elements should be there. Then, place it before Mother and request, Mother, please, vibrate it so that all our negativeness is absorbed in it. Tou have to make a request. But if you want to have it immediately [19:43] then you can say [19:46] means that you go to the center, to your Sahasrara and give the vibration Mother, pass the vibration and say it to Mother, please vibrate it. It’s only the Mother doing everything not your doing. Then you can use it for 7 days. You keep it on the left side. If it is a handkerchief, you can keep it under your pillow, open at night, close in the morning, you leave for 7 days, then dispose of it.

Madhura Rai: We are not supposed to have a matka on a normal night. That is [20:31]. If [20:34] comes in between when we are in the 7 nights, on that particular night, you are not supposed to open it. –

-Because mostly the vibrations [20:47]. It needs start [20:49]. So, you should avoid it, you shouldn’t open it.

Madhura Rai: Mother said on [21:02] not to use it, so as a precaution, you do not use it on, because on these two days, as Shri Mataji has said, full moon we have to pray to Shri Rama and no moon we pray to God Shiva. So she has asked us to meditate on left heart on [21:18], that is no moon night and on full moon we meditate on Shri Rama. We have seen that left-sided diseases like depression, they become more active on [21:33] but if you have a right-side problem, manic attacks, phobia is left-sided but mania is right-sided, so if there’s manic disorders they become overactive, such patients become hyper on full moon. So, better to avoid because negativity is stronger on those nights. After 2 or 3 days, the power that the lemon and chilies have is exhausted, then you start feeling uncomfortable when you open the matka. Immediately, you can close it, you can close the paper bag and dispose of it and on the next night you can have a fresh one. It is recommended to be used for 7 nights but in case after 2 or 3 nights you start feeling uncomfortable, or you find that the lemon and chilies are rotten, you can dispose of it then.

-If there is a bad smell, even then you can change it. If the bad smell comes from there, you can change it in-between.

Madhura Rai: Doctor [23:03] will answer this question. How to know and heal Ekadashi Rudra catches. Jai Shri Mataji. Actually, yesterday I told about this but new persons also came. So, Ekadashi rudram. All the deities in our chakras they have great power. Great power [23:43] it is around our head. That is Ekadashi rudram. [23:51] means what? There are 10 [24:00] in our Void. The eleventh one the middle [24:07] that is Vishnu, including Vishnu it is 11. Sahaja yoga has some protocols, we have to [24:26] to the lotus feet of Shri Mataji. Sometimes we do wrong things unknowingly. We go to [24:40] or we go anywhere, any temples. We have to go in temples, they are so [24:50]. But Shri Mataji told you have to go in [24:56] temple because non-Sahaja yogis go there and they are doing some things wrong there [25:05]. Visit [25:10] temple and just raise their Kundalini and [25:15]. And you have the meditate order but not any deity leave their seat and come to give us [25:26]. So, who is giving you [25:29]? The person who sits in front of the deity. We don’t know how problems he has …

Because Ekadashi Rudra wants you to bring on proper channel. They want to do you perfect, that’s why they are giving some trouble to you. There is so much headache and indigestion, sometimes constipation, sometimes loose motion. Constipation is right side Void problem and loose motion is left side problem. For Ekadesha rudra, you can take 108 names of [27:05] in Void. If you take 108 of [27:12] and Void in foot soak water. Your Swadhisthana and Nabhi clears only in foot soak because Brahma Deva and Vishnu reside in ocean. That why, in [27:28] and Void, Vishnu and Brahma Deva, these deities are residing there and it clears in foot soak water only. That’s why in foot soak water you have to take 108 names of [27:43] and 10 names of guru. You can give candle to your left void. Thereafter, immediately, you take candle and take 11 names of Ekadashi Rudra but [28:00] candle to the left side of the head. From front to back and back to front, you can move candle like that and say Kadashi Rudra’s names. [28:15] These 11 Edadashi Rudras are around our head so we have to take their names. And you can take matka treatment or coconut treatment, you can do that and clear your Ekadashi Rudra. You cannot do coconut treatment like matka. Coconut treatment is for only 3 days. You have to vibrate the coconut in front of Shri Mataji and not necessary to decorate that coconut. You have to pray to Shri Mataji, Shri Mataji, please take away all the negativities I got knowingly or unknowingly. [29:38] in my assent, please absorb in this coconut. Then, when you go to sleep, you just put the coconut near your below. The 3 eyes should be towards Sahasrara. That coconut absorbs all negativities and when you wake up early morning, before meditation, you immediately take [30:09] , then you bandhan to coconut and immediately put it in paper and discard it. In the night, second coconut, same procedure, third coconut same procedure. Three days, three coconuts we have to use but not one day three coconuts. This is three-coconut treatment.

Dr. Madhur Ra: Basically, it is if your Agnya is caught and your Void is also catching, then we do. But don’t be very fanatic about these techniques, the coconut especially, people tend to become fanatic about it so I really do not recommend much of this because Shri Mataji has not spoken much, but yes, it has, I think come from [31:07]. Yogis do find it effective. So, if you find that even after using one coconut one day, one night, you feel relieved, then it’s not necessary to have it on second night or third night. In Sahaja yoga, as you find the efficacy, then okay, stop it, don’t overdo because by overdoing, you will be moving to the right channel. And coconut is something which tends to absorb and also release the negative very easily. As it sucks in, it also releases. In our practice we have found that if you have kept it there and you meditate, the coconut will release all that it has absorbed. So, it is very necessary that as soon as you wake up you put it in a paper bag and dispose of it.

-Just a small request in the interest of time, we don’t want to interrupt the doctors, there are some topics that we want to cover for the benefit of everybody who has come. Maybe we can keep the follow up questions afterwards. Let us cover the main agenda of the program before lunchtime. Thank you so much for your patience. Jai Shri Mataji

If that coconut remains like that for a long time, then that coconut reverses the [32:35]. That’s why it is very difficult and you will use your discrimination for coconut treatment.

If it cracks in-between, you have put it in half an hour, in 2 hours it cracks, immediately put it in paper bag and dispose of it. That you have to take care.

Again, maybe I wasn’t clear. Let us respect their time and their ability. I know we get a lot of follow up questions but we just want to respect their time and resist the temptation. Maybe we can take the opportunity to do the follow up later. Thank you again, especially those who are holding back their questions.

Dr. Sandeep Rai: One more thing regarding the pilgrimage and the temples. Just a small incident. Shri Mataji has sent me to train tour to go to all pilgrimages, in between the train tour 20 days there are about 8, 9 temples you have to go. One was this Dwarka temple, Shri Krishna’s, there was this [33:58] temple, then one or two more in Rajasthan. I had 600 foreigners, foreigners in respectable way, means people from different countries. They went to this Dwarka temple and they entered and all these pundits were welcoming them because they think they’ll get bid donation, they’re people from rich countries. They entered and there’s no vibration, no vibration and they walked back. These 500, 600people coming back, the pundits became very angry. What is this? This is disobedience to Lord. I stopped them and said, don’t do it like this, just go, sit there for some time and come. They said, no, there is no vibration. We want to be outside, we don’t want to be inside. I was thinking whether they know anything about vibration or not, this is Shri Krishna’s place. They are disrespecting and pundits are very angry, displeased. Anyway, the train moved on and next time we went to another stop, we went to [35:10] temple, Shri Shiva’s temple. Again, they went inside and here they were supposed to be there for one hour, maximum. The train tour guy told us one hour come back. They’re sitting for 3 hours. They said, this is very good vibrations.

What I learned from them is they would choose the pilgrimage according to the vibrations. Then I learned the real Dwarka is under the water, the real Shri Krishna’s place is submerged under the water. They made a new temple and maybe the deities they have put may not be that. At that time, I had not much sense of vibrations so I myself didn’t know what was happening. But these people who were, I thought, quite senior yogis, they said, no, no, [35:55].

There are many pilgrimages where you go, you judge vibrations. The vibrations are good, you can be there. The vibrations are not good, then you, it’s your wish but it’s through vibrations.

This is a part of the last questions, I’m covering the last question simultaneously with the other questions.

Then, Shri Mataji asked me when I went after the train tour, how was the tour? I said, it was very nice. Senior Sahaja yogis would know, the tour [36:45] in Pratisthan where all the yogis would be served lunch at Shri Mataji’s place. Shri Mataji would come out in the lawn and there would be 400, 500 people. They served beautiful chicken curry and all those things [37:02] would be laid in the lawn. Shri Mataji would host all the yogis and then the yogis would go to Ganpatipule and Shri Mataji would go to Ganpatipule. That is how the train tour would normally take place.

When we went to Pratisthan, she said, okay, train tour has ended, how was it? I said, very good. She said, what did you find? Did you see how dedicated these yogis from outside countries are? I said, yes, Shri Mataji, they are very dedicated and then I narrated these experiences, they went in one temple, they didn’t go in another and many such things. She says, yes, they do everything on vibrations and this is what you people have to learn. That you have to be good at your sensitivity of vibrations so then, the Brahma Chatan is going to guide you what is right and what is wrong.

Dr. Madhur Rai: There is another question, how to improve vibrations of the house, dr. [38:15]?
Jai Shri Mataji. Vibration of the house, again, it’s related with your sensitivity. How will you know that a house has no good vibrations? Because if you are not good, your vibrations are not good, you will find everything, every catch from every corner. So, first improve yourself. [38:49] that you have the sensitivity and you’ll know what is right and what is wrong with you. If your level is not good, then you will find catches with everybody. So, it is better to improve yourself. In a nutshell, I will tell you how to improve it. Just go there, you can [39:13], have a charcoal [39:17] is a kind of metal material thing, it [39:48] and takes inactivity. Then you can put it and then from every corner you can go and from the left hand you see the vibration and clockwise, you say the Ganesha [40:01] and see very corner. If it is burning too much in one corner, just stand until it gives you vibrations and move to another. In this way you can clear all the corners and then you can place it and dispose of all this [40:23]. If it doesn’t improve, you can put camphor in all the four corners or thirdly, you can put a candle in all the corners. In that way you can clear it, if it is not, you are not satisfied.

Dr Sandeep Rai: Then change the house.

-You can put coconut. How many houses will you change? It is not a problem with the house, it is a problem with you. Mother is everywhere. Where Mother is not? You just request Mother, Mother will take it and you clean your house every day. If you don’t clean it, Ganesha is not happy. If you have placed Mother’s altar there, make it clean, clean every day [41:29], clean it properly and then you will see the vibration.

Dr. Sandeep Rai: Here in America, you have a lot of space. In India, we don’t have a separate place for keeping Shri Mataji’s altar and all. Do a nice puja, make a separate place, keep that place very holy, go and meditate there. That place where you are meditating daily will itself start generating good vibrations. We have seen what friends we have visited here, all their puja rooms are heavily vibrated because they are sitting there daily, vibrating and after that they are moving on. Plus, call Sahaja yogis to your house. Each Sahaja yogi is a person who’s emitting vibrations. Call Sahaja yogis to your house instead of calling other friends, another thing, call Sahaja yogis to your house, be happy if they come to your house even if you have to cook because they will leave some vibrations with you.

Dr Madhur Rai: That is about the left side if it is heavy in your home, you can do all this. If your right side is [42:45 showing ?] up, then you can use vibrated water. Sprinkle vibrated water with spray bottle, also have some Kumkum in it. Of course, not to stain your walls but a little bit and you can spray that. One experience OI would like to share about the vibrated water, in Bombay once, we were staying at the Heath Center there and it rained heavily to the extend that those who had houses in the ground floor, their houses were submerged in water and it was a big rain.

Dr Sandeep Rai: Many people died, the worst flood in Mumbai. One day it rained for 18 hours continuously. People were stuck in their offices, they sunk in the manholes in the roads while coming.

-I was in that flood for 28 hours.

Dr Sandeep Rai: she was in the train. Then, water was coming to the second floor of the house. All houses in the area submerged. We were at that time in the Center.

Dr Madhur Rai: It so happened that we had gone to [44:00] home one day and we had returned. All day we worked, he even went to his hospital and I worked the whole day. In the evening we slept. It rained and all this happened. In the night, somebody also fell down, they took him to hospital and we are sleeping. Then, we wake up at 9, 10 o’clock and we find that the whole area is flooded. In the Health Center they have a lawn in between that was filled with water. We had yogis who were residing on the ground floor and he got concerned that the water may rise any moment and may come into the rooms. Now that we had slept for a few hour in the evening, we told everyone, you sleep, we will keep awake and we will keep check. Everybody slept and we were both meditating but I told him, if the water comes up, the water is going to go into the meditation hall and Shri Mataji is sitting in the meditation hall. Without Shri Mataji’s permission, the water will not rise. He said, okay, let us see. We were meditating and I don’t know what happened, suddenly, intuitively, I just got up, I took a spray bottle of vibrated water and sprayed it in the room. After some time, I went to check the water and there was not a drop of water on the lawn.

Dr. Sandeep Rai: Just outside the Center, there was silence, water up to here, there was nobody, there was no light, there was no sound, only boats could go. There was everyone wherever was stuck, was stuck, had to die, had died, was stuck in that rain in the 12th floor, whatever was happening, no sound on the road, nobody. In the Health Center it is this much only is the depth and that too just receded. So not a drop of water came in any room.

Dr Madhur Rai: Just took Shri Kartikeya’s name and sprinkled water. I don’t know what made me do it. Just took Shri Kartikeya’s name and in the room, we were staying in one of the rooms, I just sprayed water and I just went out and peeked out the window and not a drop of water. So, that day, Shri Mataji [46:28] the power of Shri Kartikeya and vibrated water. Just to see that it is so powerful.

Dr Sandeep Rai: What are the best treatments for Vishuddhi chakra?

Woman: Vishuddhi chakra is the most important chakra for us. [46:55]You have to maintain this [47:02] in you. Another thing, take a little white butter, put it in hot water, one pinch of salt in it and drink it. It helps your Vishuddhi. Second one, [47:22], fourth one, don’t use bad words to anybody, don’t criticize anybody and give massage to your Vishuddhi and be collective. You have to go in a collectivity at least once in a week. Don’t wait to go in a collective center. Sometimes, we will not go to a collective center, we will do meditation at home only. Sahaja yoga is not a single person yoga, Sahaja yoga is a collective. The place of Vishuddhi , Shri Krishna uses that and Shri Krishna was always collective with [48:23]. This quality we have to maintain within us, we have to be collective. Then your Vishuddhi chakra will be very nicely activated. Give everyday massage to your Vishuddhi and do a little exercise like this; your chin should be here (on the chest) then do like this (raise head backwards) then left side, then right side,
then you have to rotate your neck like this, clockwise 4, 5 times and anticlockwise 4, 5 times.This will help you. [49:21]

Man: Slowly, slowly, not like this, madam please it will break down, only slowly you are to do.

Dr Madhur Rai: If you have cervical spondylosis, you need to be careful or if you have any conditions like vertigo, follow the advice of the physiotherapist. These exercises, the thing that Shri Mataji has given us is that your chin is below and you can just push back your tongue, you can roll your tongue. If you are in a meditative state you can come across [50:16]. She said that in meditation she could feel honey like taste, it is called the [50:27]. a small girl came up and she said, auntie, when meditating, I was feeling honey in my throat. So, that is the amruth that we get, the small girl was blessed with that. We have to roll back our tongue and we can touch, it is called kechari mudra. You can google and you can see how it is to be done.

Dr Sandeep Rai: I think very simple methods will work, so need not go for such difficult ones. Radha Krishna mantra and be collective. [51:02]

Dr Madhur Rai: and massage the wrist, your [51:09] chakra.

Woman: and after eating ice cream, immediately don’t eat warm water. when you eat ice cream, drink normal water, then you will not affect your Vishuddhi.

Dr Sandeep Rai: Shri Mataji’s photographs, types and purposes. We told you yesterday, [51:35] photograph which is one hand like this and other like this [51:40 left hand in lap, open and right hand raised], that is the photograph that they’re normally advising and Shri Mataji has advised to be kept for meditation in centers. Usually people keep in their houses also. The second photograph is [51:54] photograph, that is the [51:55], the right sided photograph. That is the [52:00] photograph, the healing photograph, the curing photograph that we use for curing. you can keep it, it cures. that particular photograph is curing. Then you have this photograph of the hands, it’s a very good for your Agnya chakra, for your eyes. You have the photographs of the feet which is, if you look at the feet, it is very good for your ego. what you can do is you can keep the photo of the feet and then one photograph, either [52:33] photograph or the [52:36] photograph in the house. So both you can do and in the side you can keep the photo for your Agnya chakra, that is the hands photograph. I think they are good. Some people keep puja photographs. you can keep puja photographs, that’s no [52:54] but this is what has been usually the practice. In every center, they are keeping this kind of photographs. [53:03] photographs is basically the Lakshmi principle and god. I’m going to finish after this, just one small experience I want to tell, 2 minutes. I was working in a private hospital and Shri Mataji said, where are you working? I said, private hospital. She says, do you work your own or with someone? I told, I’m working with a senior doctor. She said, how much money do you get? I said, he’s a stingy man, he doesn’t pay me much. She said, you should do your own work, you should not work for somebody. I said, I don’t have a choice right now. But she says, if there is somebody who’s employed you, it should be Lakshmi Pati. Then, I was sitting there and she did like this [54:10 left hand in lap, open and right hand raised] and she said, look here, so I looked. This is the position. and that is the position of the meditation also. She said, what is means, do you know? Any person who employs another person should be Lakshmi Pati, [54:24] owner of the Laksmi means, with this hand [left] you give and when you give somebody, with this and [right] you bless. She says, if you take a boss or boss anybody or if you employ somebody, don’t give a salary or something like this, just go away, take it, you’re doing nothing and taking money. Even if you are giving somebody, give and with the other hand bless. So this is the generosity and this is the [55:00] photograph, that is what Shri Mataji is giving. She’s giving us everything. All your money, family, career, children, everything she’s giving and she’s blessing you with the other hand. That is the photograph I think you should keep because it is Shri Mataji in a generous, that’s a generous photograph of Shri Mataji, she’s giving you and blessing you. The original one is black and white. I must tell you, there is no hard and fast rule, you can keep puja photographs. The first time we came and saw this photograph, it’s a very beautiful photograph. This is Shri Mataji as if she’s seeing you and so happy, welcoming in a sense and she’s happy that her children have come too. Especially we came from India first time, I’ve never seen this photograph before. Shri Mataji smiling, you are seeing every time. so, for you it is a normal thing, for us, never seen this photograph, it appeared to us that she is so happy, all my children have come here. For us, coming from 12.000 miles, just as you enter you see somebody smiling for you have come. Like that. For us, this photograph is a great blessing. You can keep any photograph, this one is very good. in the Health Center we had some puja photographs when we joined. But [56:40] photograph is which give you, it’s for meditation in your house, you can keep it.

I didn’t know, our brother is sharing that Shri Mataji mentioned this photograph and her favorite photograph in [57:03] book. [57:05] is from Scotland. This is exceptional photograph, it gives so much happiness to the person who comes to go down. It gives joy to the person because this photograph is showing that Mother is happy that you are here. In other photographs you are happy to see Mother but here, first time I’m seeing, Mother is happy to see you. This is something very special. It must be her favorite photograph. Thank you very much.