1960-1980Chapter 4Experiences

Don’t worry! It’s all right

Don’t worry! It’s all right | Sahajayoga Reviews

In the 1970’s, Mother would come every week, on a Tuesday, to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai. We could see Her sitting down there and we were all sitting too, with maybe thirty people, or forty at the most. Mother would point to the candle.

‘Look at this candle now,’ She would say, and ask everyone to clear the Agnya or things like that. We all would stand in a queue and go at Mother’s Feet.

‘Oh, see. That’s there,’ Mother would say. I still remember the Kundalini rising or throbbing at each chakra and She used to clear it out and that’s how it was. It would be so hot and because I was only a child, I used to fan Mother and once I remember, by mistake, I hit Her with the fan.

‘I’m so sorry,’ I said and thought, ‘Oh no, that’s going to be finished.’ I felt that I had hurt Mother and in India we’re so much taught that to hurt a person of God is a big sin.

‘Don’t worry! It’s all right. Don’t worry,’ She said.

She would stay there until, say, half past eleven, twelve sometimes. After that we used to take buses to go home, and sometimes that happened twice a week.

Meenakshi Murdoch