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Debbie Testimonial Meditation Benefits

That would be great it you can remove your shoes. Also, try to relax. Keep your hands open in your lap We become here small universe that wants to be open to communicate with others through energy. Or, we can compare ourselves with flowers that want to blossom, want to open up. So, all the qualities, the beauty, the fragrance will starts flowing, as well, what the flowers needs? It needs to be nurtured from all the elements. So, let’s relax ourselves a little bit and open ourselves. That would be very, very good. We keep our hands open, receiving and giving, allowing to flow to this energy. Okay, well, just before we start with meditation, I will invite here Debbie. Debbie, where are you? Something that we do at our classes is that each of us become very good friends with each other. We are very close to each other and we all learn from each other. So, recently, we had quite beautiful, beautiful meditation classes with Debbie. So, I’m asking Debbie, Debbie, you can say a few words about yourself and if you can very briefly just introduce all of us to the basic notions that we are using in our meditation.

Debbie: Hello, everybody. My name is Debbie and I have been coming to Sahaja yoga for about a year and a half now. How I came across Sahaja yoga, I saw the advertisement on the bulletin board and I thought, okay, Sahaja yoga, I thought it related to a lot of physical exercises. And I was going through a very challenging time in my life, dealing with a lot of stress, dealing with a lot of different challenges. My sister actually thought, because she does yoga, stretching and exercising, she said, Deb, try it, it’ll be good for you. So, a few months passed and I did absolutely nothing. She called me again and she’s like, did you call, did you call? I’m like, no. She said, please call. So, I called and I remember speaking to la lady and she told me how great it’s going to be and I said, okay, let me try. I came, my first class. First of all, I was very surprised because it had nothing to do with physical exercises. It was much deeper than that. And it took me to a place that I think I have been searching for for a long time. I found that place and I find for myself that Sahaja yoga has made me a much more peaceful individual. It has balanced out my life very well. Not only have I made some really great friends here, they’re like my family as well but it has taught me so many beautiful, wonderful lessons and it taught me really how to be a better person, not to myself but to others as well and how to utilize this beautiful knowledge that has been passed down to us by our teacher Mother Shri Mataji. She is the founder of Sahaja yoga.

Basically, for me, this is a journey. It is a journey, it teaches you, like I said, to become balanced, to become more peaceful, to become a better person overall. It also helps you, it gives you the tools, it gives you all the instruments you need to help you to work through challenges in life, whatever problems may come our way. It’s a very beautiful tool that Shri Mataji has provided to us. Our subtle system consists of basically three channels. The left side, the left channel, which represents our past, it represents our emotions, our conditioning, our self-esteem. Our right channel represents the future, it represents action, it represents planning, it represents thinking, overthinking. Our center channel, which is where we want to be, is a place of balance, it’s a place of integration, it’s a place for our evolution and it is where, when we learn about this beautiful energy that is residing in our sacrum bone, which is known as the Kundalini energy, we allow Kundalini to rise through our center channel and move through the seven chakras in pour body. We have seven chakras and each chakra has certain qualities and each chakra also governs certain organs in our body. The first chakra is located in our sacrum bone, just above our sacrum bone. It is known as the Muladhara chakra or the root chakra. It is a support system for all the other chakras but very importantly for the beautiful mothering energy resides there on your sacrum bone, known as the Kundalini energy.

In Sahaja yoga, as Shri Mataji said, we are born with this mothering energy and this is the reason why Sahaja yoga is taught free of charge in over a hundred countries across the world. When we open our mind, when we let go of our conditioning, when we have the pure desire, we can learn how to awaken this beautiful mothering energy, Kundalini.

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