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Dan Testimonial on Sahaja Yoga

-Dan, I was just wondering, what sort of memories you have, because your mom and dad were in Sahaja yoga when you were born, just wondering what that was like, what sort of memories you might have of being a young child and experiencing the meditation perhaps meeting Shri Mataji when you were young.

Dan: Yes, I did grow up, my parents were in Sahaja yoga. I grew up with that around me, but I didn’t really, at that time, I didn’t really feel the power of Sahaja yoga but I did have a few experiences when I was a child while I was sitting in front of Shri Mataji and I had really strong meditations and Shri Mataji once said to me, when I was a kid, I was just meditating there, she said, “what’s your name” and I completely forgot my name because I was in meditation just in front of her, so that was like in a hotel room and Shri Mataji had her feet on my parents. My mom’s back I think at the time, she wanted to fix her back.

-How old had you been?

Dan: Maybe I was around 8 or something like that, I was quite young. And then, both my brother and I decided not to do Sahaja yoga. We didn’t really find the benefits really at the age. I guess you got no worries or troubles or anything. So, we stopped doing any meditations but my parents were meditating so I’m sure that was clearing us out.

-At what age was that?

Dan: I think I was about 12 or something like that. I think I was about 12 but I’m sure at that time I’ve been cleared out by my parents because nothing really went wrong. So then, I left home at probably about 18, 19 and went to university and I got really stressed, my university life was just absolutely crazy, going out, drinking, just that sort of life style. I ended up I couldn’t actually sleep, it was really weird and I was feeling emotions that I’ve never ever felt before, depression, things like that, like, I didn’t know if it was depression, I don’t know what it was. I was feeling sad and I’ve never felt it. It was really weird, feeling emotions that I’ve never felt before, sadness. Then, I sort of started thinking, I’ve got to do something, what͛s happening, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even yawn, that was really weird. I shocked my parents by coming to the meeting in Coventry and I sat there, my dad was a bit flustered because I was there. That first meditation I had was absolutely unbelievable. I was locked, I couldn’t move, I just sat there and it was like my soul had just become whole again. It was like a part of me was missing but I didn’t know, I didn’t know it was missing actually but it got back when I meditate. It was really amazing. So, that was the first time. The class had finished, I didn’t want it to finish, I said, no, please, please don’t finish. Then, the second one I went to, actually that night I could sleep. So, that was the amazing thing, that night I could sleep. And then I carried on meditating that week and then, I went to the meeting next week and that was another really amazing experience because my mom worked on me that week and exactly the same thing happened but I could feel my chakras clearing actually. That was really weird, I could actually feel them opening but what I could always remember is that it never left my hears. So that, whenever I would pray, I would always pray to Mother. So, that never left me. I always knew that was the foundation and that was always true, I never doubted that. It was because I felt inside that it was always true, that was the truth and so, when I came back it was quite easy for me to come back because it all just sank back in, it all clicked back. I just felt home again, it was just a bit of me missing. And then, I was annoyed that I didn’t keep that when I was younger. I was really annoyed at why didn’t I just stay with it. I missed all this life I could have had but anyway, I guess I had to go through those things so that I grew. I must have grown through somehow.

-You said that the first time you saw Shri Mataji again when you’d come back, that you had an interesting experience.

Dan: Yeah, so when I first saw Shri Mataji, Shri Mataji was going to the deepest part. That was what really amazed me that Shri Mataji͛s eyes just completely go into your soul. And so, the whole of my history, all my emotions and everything I felt since I’d left Sahaja yoga, came up in that moment of meeting Shri Mataji. I felt awful actually because it all came at a point, they all came to my head where I had to deal with it, had to face it, all the things I’ve done, all the emotions I was feeling, all the sort of things that were going on this time, they all came up and boiled at that point. Shri Mataji just looked into my eyes for literally half a second because I couldn’t look into her eyes for that long. She looked in my eyes and I had to look down because it was just such like intense feeling that washed over me. That emotion was just too much to handle at that point actually. But what was amazing is that that triggered a thing inside me that cleared all those things. So, the next time I saw Shri Mataji, it was just complete bliss and I didn’t want to go actually. I didn’t want to go because I thought it would happen again. Somehow, I was roped into going. It was funny, it was like I couldn’t not go. I was like, go to go, got to go because we were singing for Shri Mataji, for Christmas carols. And the first time it was just complete bliss. I just thought it was going to be exactly the same experience as before but everything had washed out. It was amazing. Like, that one glance had washed everything out of me and it changed my life since then, I’m sure it had because that attention, that millisecond of attention of the divine on you, and it just completely changed you, your whole life.

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