1990 - 1992Chapter 16Experiences

Clearing out the Agnya

Friday 28th January – diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

Shri Mataji wanted to go shopping in Christchurch and a few of us went with Her. She went to the main centre and bought some woollen suiting for Sir CP. She also went to one of the major department stores and bought lipsticks for Her granddaughters and lots of things.

The main thing She looked at was in a jeweller’s shop, a beautiful square cut diamond ring. Shri Mataji looked at this and tried it on both Her Agnya fingers. Later someone explained to me that the diamond is the stone of the Agnya chakra, and Shri Mataji would have been clearing out the Agnya by looking at this diamond. Shri Mataji said the main problem for New Zealand was fundamentalism. In another shop we showed Shri Mataji a lot of the New Zealand green stone (jade) and this is a favourite of the tourists. She looked at it but made the comment that coral is actually the stone of New Zealand.

There is a beautiful avenue that goes from the city up to the airport, and we were driving Shri Mataji up it, as She was going to Sydney for the Shri Shivaratri Puja. She said how She really liked the houses in New Zealand. She noticed everything – such as that the trees planted along the roadside were magnolias, which were also found in India.

Pam Mathews