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Celia Testimonial

Celia: … cigarettes a today for 30 years and I went on a Guru Puja, I haven’t been in Sahaja very long but went on a Guru Puja and I was smoking on the way there. We stopped in Switzerland and actually when I think about it, got out, Derick Lee, whom most people might know, came over towards me, got his thumb, pushed it into my shoulder like this, quite aggressively, and said I should never have been allowed to go on a puja, I was so impure etc. etc., I was a disgrace to the children. I thought, not say lady but I couldn’t say a lot. Anyway, I got my Benson&Hedges, I ripped them up into little pieces, dug a hole in Cabella, buried the cigarettes because I thought I should want to be smoking again, came home, never ever had any desire for a cigarette again. Didn’t desire a cigarette and I couldn’t give them up. My Vishuddhi center was obviously cleansed by Mother and I never smoked again. I think that in itself is absolute miracle.

-Was that the first time you went to Cabella?

Celia: Yes, 1991. Wonderful.

-Thanks very much.

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