Christ is so obedient | Sahajayoga Reviews

Jade meditation discs

When Shri Mataji came to visit us in Taiwan, we went to the Palace Museum and among the amazing artefacts there, we saw a "Bi' made of jade. I was loo

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Balance | Sahajayoga Reviews

The need to practice

As Taiwan is one of the countries of the back Agnya, we often got requests during Shri Mataji’s Asia tour. One boy of seventeen years old had tried

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You have been appointed by God | Sahajayoga Reviews

Being an interpreter for God

We were in Taiwan in 1990 and we stayed in the famous Grand Hotel in Taipei, which is modelled on a traditional Chinese design. We had gone with Shri

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Monday (diary entry) | Sahajayoga Reviews

The sari thread

Shri Mataji walked into a large store and headed for the counter selling good saris. A bored salesman watched Her approach and took his time reaching

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Shri Mataji was much respected and loved by the diplomats’ wives | Sahajayoga Reviews

Two public programmes

In the evening of the 1st November 1990 there was a public programme attended by about three hundred and fifty people. In Her talk Mother remarked tha

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