Shri Mataji must have felt my fear | Sahajayoga Reviews

Prices should be correct

The first year Mother visited Thailand, She purchased some gold jewels as presents for some of Her family members. Shri Mataji commented the high qual

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A poet from Hyderabad | Sahajayoga Reviews

It was ten years later

The first time I cooked for Shri Mataji, I cooked some fish. That was in Switzerland. Many years after I was in Bangkok for Her first programme the

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Shri Mataji was much beyond this human body | Sahajayoga Reviews

You are the doer

We got to Hong Kong, on the South East Asian tour of 1990, and Shri Mataji had been booked into a very simple hotel - the airport hotel. The room was

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Everything in Sahaja Yoga is completely joined | Sahajayoga Reviews

The left and right side

When Shri Mataji was in Hong Kong She mentioned that Lao Tse was working out the left side and Confucius the right side.              

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A school visit | Sahajayoga Reviews

A miracle

Shri Mataji toured Taiwan four times from 1990 to 1996. On receiving Her from Taiwan airport, She said She has been to Taiwan once many years before,

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