An offering for the ganas | Sahajayoga Reviews

Look at the moon!

It was the Shri Shivaratri Puja at Glen Rock, near Newcastle, on the 1st March 1992. After the puja while we were sitting on a balcony, eating the mea

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Shri Mataji must have felt my fear | Sahajayoga Reviews

You shouldn’t feel guilty

We had been shopping for two days in Hong Kong and I had been asked to keep a list of the things that had been bought. I had to check at home, when it

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She was very much the Mother | Sahajayoga Reviews

A face like the moon

In 1992, when my third daughter was born, we named her Olympia when Shri Mataji came to Hong Kong that year - we asked Her for a name. We were at a re

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Wallpaper | Sahajayoga Reviews

Don’t be disappointed

As we didn’t have much attendance for the first visit of Shri Mataji to Thailand in 1990, we promised ourselves we would do our utmost for Her next

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Enough wallpaper to finish the job | Sahajayoga Reviews

She gave the answer

In 1992 I came to know that Shri Mataji would be visiting Dehra Dun for a public programme. I was extremely happy to learn that She would stay in the

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