Around the villages | Sahajayoga Reviews

Around the villages

We were in a village in Maharashtra on one of the India tours in the mid 1980’s and the electricity broke down when Shri Mataji was about to give an

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Pasta for everyone | Sahajayoga Reviews

Pasta for everyone

In January 1987 Shri Mataji invited 300 Western yogis from the India Tour to stay at Pratishthan. She graciously enquired what they would like for lun

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It was done by silence | Sahajayoga Reviews

It was done by silence

My husband and I went to India to look at textiles in Gujarat, not for Sahaja Yoga. When we got back to Delhi we found there was going to be Shivaratr

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So tuned in | Sahajayoga Reviews

So tuned in

In 1987, when we were staying with Shri Mataji at a Sahaja Yogi’s house on Prabhat Rd, Pune, a lady called Mrs Bhikule was there and she was so tune

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Shri Mataji must have felt my fear | Sahajayoga Reviews

This is the atma tattwa

I came to Sahaja Yoga in 1986, but in a way was not a Sahaja Yogi, even though indirectly I did a lot of Sahaja Yoga work. I heard Shri Mataji’s tap

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Just do it! | Sahajayoga Reviews

Just do it!

In 1987 I was at Pratishthan with my father-in-law, who was an architect. Shri Mataji was building it and at that time it was basically a construction

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Divine singing lessons | Sahajayoga Reviews

Divine singing lessons

I heard Shri Mataji singing many times in Pune when She was teaching the Sahaja Yogis the song 'Ma Teri Jai Ho' and 'Bhaya Kaya Taya', and She taught

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