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The perfect mother

These photos were taken on the occasion of the wedding of Shri Mataji’s daughter Kalpana. It took place on 24th November 1969 in Mumbai. It is well

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A prayer answered

The musician Aslam Khan is the brother-in-law of Baba Zaheer, the qawwali singer from Hyderabad who always sang before Shri Mataji. He told this mirac

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May God bless you

In 1969, I again met Shri Mataji at Worli, Mumbai, near Century Bazaar.  We were then staying in Worli, and my wife told me that she had met a beauti

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The Divine censor

Shri Mataji told us She was on the board of Film Censors in India before coming to the UK. This is why the old Hindi movies of the sixties are always

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Travels abroad | Sahajayoga Reviews

Travels abroad

Shri Mataji told us that when Sir CP was the Director of the Shipping Corporation of India, Shri Mataji encouraged various changes on the ships, such

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A gift of bangles

When Shri Mataji was a medical student the head of the university where She was studying was sympathising with the British and the students wanted to

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