My first puja | Sahajayoga Reviews

My first puja

My first puja was a Guru Puja in 1977. I was at work and then someone phoned me. ‘Can you come over? We’ll have a puja,’ he said. I didn

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Shri Mataji took him home | Sahajayoga Reviews

Shri Mataji took him home

In 1977 one seeker, a friend of mine, collapsed in the street, seriously ill with hepatitis, and Shri Mataji took him home to Hurst Green and kept him

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He was fed up with the doctors’ treatment | Sahajayoga Reviews

A day at Hurst Green

Mother invited some of us to come to Her house in Hurst Green. For some time before we were invited I had a burning desire to visit Mother’s house.

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Alcohol down the sink

Shri Mataji once made me go to my parents’ house and pour all my dad’s whisky down the sink. It was because my son Kevin was staying there at the

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