Her face kept changing | Sahajayoga Reviews

Her face kept changing

In Bath, in the late 1970’s with Shri Mataji, we wandered around shopping and there was a street artist trying to draw Her. She sat down and he trie

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Saint Ann | Sahajayoga Reviews

Powerful, isn’t it?

We all trooped up to Shri Mataji’s flat after the Caxton Hall programme and were given cups of coffee. Shri Mataji continued to work on people. She

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I know you | Sahajayoga Reviews

I know you

In those early days, we all had the pleasure of going for personal visits to Shri Mataji and Sir CP’s apartment in Ashley Gardens, next to the cathe

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All the incarnations are within Me at this time | Sahajayoga Reviews


It must have been about 1977/8, in Bath, and Shri Mataji asked me if I knew what mammals were and I didn’t, so She explained to me that they were di

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