Birthday presents

Stories from Shri Mataji’s childhood

This story was told to us by Mother’s sister (we called her Moushi Aunty). Moushi was just over one year younger than Shri Mataji and so Mother’s birthday was celebrated a short while before Moushi’s.

One year, when they were still very little girls, Shri Mataji’s birthday came around and She was lovingly given many presents. Moushi was jealous and started crying and complaining. No one could pacify her, she wanted presents too and she didn’t want to wait those few weeks until her birthday. She herself confessed that she was stubborn and wouldn’t stop her tantrum. Eventually the little child Shri Mataji gathered up all Her presents and brought them over to Moushi.

‘Here, you can have them, they’re yours,’ She said.

Marilyn Leate