1990 - 1992Chapter 8Experiences

Being an interpreter for God

You have been appointed by God | Sahajayoga Reviews

We were in Taiwan in 1990 and we stayed in the famous Grand Hotel in Taipei, which is modelled on a traditional Chinese design. We had gone with Shri Mataji and were staying in a large suite in the hotel. Shri Mataji was enjoying Herself we had served Her dinner and She began to watch the TV. We were flicking the channels and a movie came on – In the Name of the Father, set in Ireland with the actors speaking with an Irish accent.

Shri Mataji found it hard to understand, so She asked me what they were saying, and in the end I was acting like a translator for the whole movie and was telling Her what was going on. It was quite amazing, being an interpreter for God, sitting at Her Feet with this movie going on. I thought I had better not make any mistakes!

Alex Henshaw