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Back from the dead

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In December 1971 I fell sick at my home in Nasik and sank into a state of deep anaemia, my entire body having turned yellow with an astoundingly low haemoglobin count of five,  normal being about fifteen. I sank into a coma and was rushed by ambulance to hospital in Mumbai with a recovery chance estimated at hardly five per cent.

At that time, by divine providence, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was in Mumbai and a close relative of ours took my worried children to Her for Her Blessing. When they told Shri Mataji about my plight, She assured them that She would put Her attention on me and I would be all right in a few days. After two weeks I was discharged from hospital.

Two weeks later I went for a check-up and was found to be perfectly normal and in good health, to the amazement of the doctors. I was put on some strong medicines, but Shri Mataji advised me to discard them all. She warned me that my continued intake of these strong medicines would give me a heart attack at a later date. Ignoring Shri Mataji’s advice and thinking that out of caution I had to take these medicines, I went on for a while till Shri Mataji sent another warning. I then discontinued the medicines, but it was a bit too late.

In 1973 I had a severe heart attack and was rushed to Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, where I was examined and declared dead, my pulse having totally failed. Shri Mataji was at that time in London. Fortunately, She could be contacted over the telephone. Her attention and Her blessings were given to me from London and I miraculously recovered.

My point here is that it is not very necessary for Her to be physically present. Her collective attention and vibrations travel like lightning to any distance in a very short time. There was a time I needed twenty to twenty-five tablets a day for my health. Today, nearly forty years later, I do not need even a single tablet and enjoy excellent health.

BG Murthy