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Awakening of Inner Energy Through Sahaja Yoga – 2

Shri Mataji: When you come to Sahaj yoga, what happens is that the energies which are inside us which are in a triangular shaped sacrum bone, which we call Kundalini, all this are written in the scriptures it is not that I am telling these things myself. When it is awakened it pierces the six Chakras and seven Chakra is beneath the Kundalini is Shri Ganesh ji. So after piercing six Chakras at last it pierces our brahmarandhra which is situated here in the head which is called fontanelle bone in English when it gets beyond that then it gets merged itself with the consciousness that is surrounding us all which is called Param Chaitanya(absolute consciousness) in Sanskrit.

When this incident happened then our relation with that God is established, before that whatever we are doing like we remember God, maintain religion, walking in the right path.

But what is there beyond all this? Tomorrow if you are children ask you “Why you are doing all this what is its benefit”, and its benefit can only be understood when you will be able to awaken your Kundalini and get connected to that love energy surrounding you and this call sahaj because it is rally sahaj(easy). You all know what is the meaning of Sahaj but it has another meaning by analysis is that, ‘Sa’ means Seven, ‘Ja’ means Born, that means it has born with you. As it is said that when our soul gets connected to that energy it is called real yoga. This yoga is really easy and is situated in everybody if you are a Hindu or Muslim or Christian no matter if you are white or black. This Kundalini Shakti is situated in every person. Then how we can live separately.


Speaker: To get this realisation you can sit in sukhasana in the ground in front of Shri Mataji’s picture you can sit in a chair keeping both legs separate. Open both your hands and put on the legs. Your left hand will always remain over your leg and we will put your right hand in different places for different chakras and will pray because of which the path for our kundalini can become strong and it can get up. So, first of all, you have to keep your right hand over your heart I will ask a question within ourselves. “mother is I am a soul?” we will repeat this question three times. And then we will take this hand to the upper area of stomach for the Guru tattva inside us. We will ask another question 3 times “mother, am I my own Guru?” and then take this hand a little lower in stomach and leg junction, while pressing that place with our fingers we have to do a prayer or a request from the bottom of our heart, God respect our Independence, therefore we have to ask with our Desire. “Shri Mataji please give me pure knowledge” we can repeat this prayer for six times because this chakra has six petals.

Now we will bring our right hand to the left side of our stomach that is where the Guru Tattva is residing inside us and we will accept the first truth “mother I am my own Guru” and we will repeat it 10 times as it has been told that there are 10 Dharmas inside us. Then again we will put our hand over our heart in the left side and we will again accept the second reality, “mother I am the pure soul” we will repeat it 12 times. Because there are 12 Petals in our Hriday chakra, and we will bring that hand a little upward in the joint of the neck and Shoulder our fingers should reach our backbone and we will bend our head in the right side a little. And here we have to understand this fact that God is an ocean of forgiveness there is no such mistake which cannot be forgiven by God. So not keeping any guilty feeling inside you we will pray that “mother I innocent” and this is our vishuddhi Chakra it has 16 Petals and therefore we have to repeat it 16 times, now bring this hand over the forehead and press it a little bit from both the sides and bend the head a little bit. And here we have to forgive everybody from our heart once for all, whatever has happened till date, because of others foolishness not forgiving them we keep a burden inside us.


So from our heart, we will forgive everyone. “mother I have forgiven them all” and then bring this hand to the back of our head and will give our weight in the backside. And here we will pray for ourself that “Oh got, knowingly or unknowingly if I have committed any mistake please also forgive me”. In the end, we will open up our palm and we will place the middle portion of the palm over our head that is the soft bone which we had as an infant bend your head a little bit and press this portion of your head a little bit. And you have to move the skin of that portion of your hand with your hand in clockwise direction and here also we have to ask with our own desire and we will pray for seven times “Shri Mataji please give me my self realisation” and slowly bring your hand over your lap and look towards the picture of Shri Mataji and with your left hand try to feel over the head keep it a little above the head, are you feeling hot or cold vibrations coming out of this portion? keeping this hand down you can check this with the right hand also. You can adjust your hand so as to feel it in any height and after that bring your hand and sit for meditation for few times and try to see if you are feeling the vibrations in the palm of your hand. Are you feeling peace. If you are feeling any other signs then we have achieved self-realization today and clasping both the hand’s thanks Shri Mataji. The self-realization which was traditionally given from a Guru to a disciple today Shri Mataji has opened it for everybody. Or given mass self-realization. And this is the reason why we keep the picture of Shri Mataji in front of us because our Kundalini knows her and it is like an invitation for Kundalini Shakti to awaken. And cold vibrations always flow from the picture of Shree Mataji and always invite our Kundalini Shakti for awakening.