Are we born to suffer ? NO !!

The answer to this question is no. We do not bear on this earth to suffer but we suffer because we do not have the connection with our Spirit.
You see, we are in this body because we live in one of the most low material plane where there is a lot of confusion and distractions due to our weak attention…this always keeps us far from the All Pervading Power of God Almighty.
So you know that God is the SUPREME SPIRIT*and if we have to connect with *Him we should also become a pure Spirit .
Don’t imagine that you have to go into a state that cannot be achieved, no. Everyone can achieve that state and You must become Spirit.
When you become that your consciousness starts evolving higher and higher in the Divine realm which is truly of a much higher degree and magnitude. There you are in connection with God Almighty into a truly evolved Spiritual state.

*So, how do you become this Spirit?
Through Self Realization

And what is Self Realization?
The answer is simple:
God Almighty has His seat in the *Collective Tree of Life that is in the Universe, let’s call this Virata or Spiritual Plane or Heaven.

And it’s said that ” Things that are in heaven are the same on earth”. So this collective Tree of life is also on earth in human beings, animals and plants.
And Self Realization is the awakening of that Tree of Life that is within us. When that Tree is awakened it gets connected with the Tree of heaven and our Spirit gets connected to God.

*How does this connection take place?
The answer is that when God created man He put in him the *Sacred Breath called as Kundalini in Sanskrit Which is asleep at the base of the spine in the triangular bone called as *Sacrum .
The Greeks new it was a sacred bone that why they called it Sacrum.

*Self Realisation is the awakening of that Sacred Breath of God and you can feel it very well in your hands, fingers, and whole body. It fills you with a sensation of well being, peace and security.

This awakening is possible with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga and Who is the Incarnation of God Almighty in a Feminine form because we suffer a lot and in this sufferance we are crying a lot in ourselves and only a Mother’s Love can appease us, That’s why She had come as a counselor to dry our tears.

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