1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

An overwhelming feeling of joy and divine bliss

I first saw Shri Mataji at a public programme in Hampstead Town Hall, in 1983. I was right up the front with the new people, and when Shri Mataji entered the hall we all stood up and I turned around. She came from the back, and immediately She entered the hall I had an incredible experience. My Kundalini was just shooting through my Agnya and Sahasrara. There is the song Your face shines like a thousand suns. It was like that. Shri Mataji came and sat down, and gave Her talk. Afterwards we were invited to come and meet Her. I bowed down to Her and She asked me how I was.

‘You felt it, didn’t you?’ She asked. I couldn’t speak. I was absolutely speechless. I nodded my head. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and divine bliss.

Leanne Huet