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An inauspicious day to travel

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In December 1983, there was an incident involving the late Mr Dhumal, who in the early days of Sahaja Yoga in India gave realisation to a great number of people. He came to see Shri Mataji in London at Surbiton ashram. A week later, on the day he was going to travel back to India, he did not have a chance to see Shri Mataji in person to take leave. He asked me to inform Shri Mataji that he was travelling back that day. I had an opportunity to see Her that morning and related that he was about to travel back to India. Shri Mataji told me to tell him not to travel as it was not an auspicious day and it was also a Wednesday.

Dhumal did not make alternative arrangements to travel on a different day and tried to take a flight that very day. The next day Shri Mataji Herself was travelling to India.  We, the whole collective, were invited to come to the airport to see Her off. Arriving at the airport we were surprised to see the Mr Dhumal still there, looking very tired and unable to get on a flight. His flight had been cancelled the previous day and there was no flight available for him to travel back, this being a busy travelling time close to Christmas. He had spent the previous day waiting at the airport and had spent the night on a bench at the airport lounge.

He was surprised to see Shri Mataji arriving at the airport as he did not know that She was travelling that very day. Mr Dhumal told Shri Mataji that if he had followed Her advice he could have saved himself a lot of trouble and still he had no flight and he had already waited a whole day and night without success. Then Shri Mataji made some travelling enquiries at the airport and was able to arrange a place for him on the very same flight in which She was travelling and thus took Mr Dhumal out of his predicament. Then we remembered how accurate Shri Mataji had been when warning him not to travel the previous day on account of it being an inauspicious day for him to travel.

                                                                                                                                Luis Garrido