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An exquisitely beautiful little teddy bear

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When my son was an infant, Shri Mataji came to Vancouver and I was very grateful that She consented to give him a name after the Shri Ganesha Puja in 1983, at which all the people from the public programme the night before in the city were invited to! At that time She also gave my son an exquisitely beautiful little teddy bear and the vibrations of this gorgeous little thing were amazing (and the teddy’s face my newborn daughter had, as I discovered four years later, so it must have been a shakti teddy). I was told by someone who was there that Shri Mataji had once said that each stuffed animal had a gana attached to it, and that’s why children feel secure with them, for which I was eternally grateful due to my family situation at the time.

Liallyn Fitzpatrick