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Addiction Meditation, Kundalini (Testimonial)

Maria: Hi, guys. I wanted to share a meditation that I really liked it’s called the addiction meditation and I learned it in teacher training, Kundalini teacher training, level 1. Our teacher said, listen, everybody do this every single day for 3 minutes for the whole year that we were in teacher training. And I thought, well, that’s pretty easy, I can handle 3 minutes a day. So, I would wake up every morning and do it to get it all the way so I wouldn’t forget or run out of time at the end of the night. And he said that what didn’t serve us in our life, those things would just fall and melt away from this. So, I was like, okay, let’s take note of what doesn’t serve me, which I thought would be maybe like, eating too much sugar or, you know, like, doing something like that, like it would be really obvious. So, anyways, after a year, what happened was I decided to stop the meditation and change meditations up and I started seeing that my thoughts that were more neutral during the whole year became more negative, I guess, and it was my old thinking coming back which I wasn’t comfortable with because I, for the last year, felt fantastic and I remember calling Jay and going, something’s not right, like, something’s not right mentally with me, what is happening? And he goes, what did you do different? Well, I stopped this addiction meditation, because that was really the only thing I had done different. And he goes, maybe you should try to do it again. So within like the 2 weeks that everything went back to normal. So, I really found that it was very beneficial for me and so I use this a lot in my daily practice. So, I wanted Jay to help show you what it is, because it’s really simple, so Jay.

Jay: Hi, I’m Jay from cosmicsoulseeker.com and the addiction meditation is really, it’s so simple and it’s so quick, so it can really fit into anybody’s daily life. So, you put your thumbs into your temples, yes, like that, and your mouth is closed so the teeth kind of interlock and it’s very relaxed and your eyes are going to be closed and you just breathe very long and deep. So, that’s simple. And there’s one other thing that you do, you’re going to be chanting mentally the mantra SA, TA, NA, MA. Just four words, actually four syllables and with each syllable that you mentally recite in your mind, you squeeze the back molars, so it’s kind of like sa-ta-na-ma song over and over again. You’re putting pressure on those points and it effects the brain, it balances out the brain and it’s really effective and it’s really simple. So, you’rejust going to get into that routine and three minutes is quicker than brushing teeth. If you want to try it out for three minutes, you should try to do this maybe 40 days in a row because that’s when you kind of break an old habit and kind of create a new habit. It won’t really shift anything if you just do this for a day or two. You really kind of have to stick with it for a little bit and then just notice and see if anything shifts in your life. I mean, Maria didn’t notice until she stopped it but maybe while you’re doing, maybe you’ve noticed different things that are shifting in your life. It’s a really good one, so I would try it.

Maria: Good luck.

Jay: Good luck.

Maria: Thank you, Jay.


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