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About shoe beating

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One day at Brompton Square (about 1983) Shri Mataji was reading some letters. A Sahaja Yogi had gone to Spain to spread Sahaja Yoga, and Shri Mataji had asked him to write and report on the situation, but his letter was all about his own shoe beating.  Because he was living in a high rise block of flats and did not have a garden, his only option was shoe beating on the outside part of the windowsill, but he was overlooked by neighbours and could not concentrate properly. Shri Mataji said it was sad that people wrote to Her and discussed such minor problems. For this reason we did not dare ask the answer, though we wanted to know. This question had already been asked to Shri Mataji by other yogis and the answer was that if circumstances didn’t allow one to do shoe beating outdoors, one can do it indoors. If one is worried about causing noise one can do it on a pillow, but one must do it somehow.

On several occasions when someone came to visit Shri Mataji, She would instruct one or two yogis to go outside onto the patio and shoe beat the name of that person. At times we saw Shri Mataji Herself doing a different style of destroying negativity, while sitting barefoot on a settee. She would put Her attention on a certain problem and then hit the floor with Her heel. This would take hardly a minute or two with Shri Mataji counting and concentrating on the problem, and there was a rhythm in the beating. She did not speak while doing this.

We also saw Shri Mataji doing a different version of shoe beating very discreetly in the streets, while wearing Her shoes. She would tap the ground with Her left heel, standing by a wall. All this was so discreet that no member of the public would have noticed it, because She was hardly lifting the foot up, though the tapping was with a fast rhythm and virtually noiseless. She did not talk while doing it. I once saw Her do this before going into a public programme, while outside.

Luis Garrido