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A wonderful miracle

A wonderful miracle | Sahajayoga Reviews

In 1973, a very old Sahaja Yogi, householder, Shri B G Pradhan, was at that time Chief Trustee of Anant Jeevan Trust. He was a very humble and submissive man, and was ready to do any work of Shri Mataji. His age was 74 years.

He and I were good friends. I used to go at least once a week to his house at Mahim. He was an advocate but he had no pride in it.  Both of us went to Shri Mataji’s house several times. One day we had gone to Shri Mataji’s house at Prabhadevi at 11 am and She made him stay until 5 pm. After about one or two hours he told me, ‘Phadke, there was a case of mine in the court and the decision was to be announced today. But what to do? I could not tell Shri Mataji that.’ Shri Mataji had looked at them and had smiled to Herself.

In the evening, around 6 pm, he went home. He got a phone call from his client saying that he was very thankful for having been present in the court for the whole day and for fighting the case, which was decided in our favour and so we are coming to you in a short while. All those people came with the court files to Shri B G Pradhan’s house. Shri Pradhan was stunned. He could not understand anything. The client gave him pedhas and congratulated him.

Shri Pradhan started thinking as how could this have happened. I was there for the whole day in Shri Mataji’s house. He had not told the client anything. In fact the whole day constantly the thought bothered in his mind, ‘I had not gone to the court, how did my signature appear on every paper? How was I arguing on behalf of my client and how was my signature on it, how did it happen?’

The next day morning Shri Pradhan went to the house of Shri Mataji and literally fell at the Her Feet and started crying.

‘Shri Pradhan, what happened?’ She calmed him and asked.

‘Shri Mataji,’ he said, ‘the whole day yesterday I was at Your house, and yesterday was the last day of the hearing of the case in the court and the decision was to be given, but because I was here, I was not able to go to the court . But when I went home I received a phone from my client saying, “Shri Pradhan, we have won the case, the decision has been in our favour. The arguments that you made in the court was very good!” Shri Mataji, I am not able to understand anything of this.’

‘Shri Pradhan,’ Shri Mataji replied, ‘if you do so much of My work, I will definitely do your work. I had gone to the court in your form and I fought the case in the court on your behalf.’ Hearing this, Shri Pradhan was filled with emotion. He did not understand anything.

‘Shri Mataji, You did this for me!’ he told Her.

Shri Mataji said yes, and She had signed on all the papers like Shri Pradhan himself. He told us all this the next day and we were very much surprised.

At the time of Shri Pradhan’s death Shri Mataji had gone to purchase something. At that time She felt that She should go to Shri Pradhan, but with the presumption that the shops would be closed She could not go there. She purchased something and went home. When Shri Mataji was passing by his house, at that very moment he died.

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