1960-1980Chapter 2Experiences

A trip to Bordi

A trip to Bordi | Sahajayoga Reviews

We all went from Bombay to Bordi in a train with Shri Mataji. She would talk to all of us and we would follow Her wherever She went. I would never leave Mother, as I wanted to see what She did. I would follow Her and do as She directed, without any question.

‘Look at Raolbai from Dhulia. She always has her attention on what I am doing, not like some others who are busy wasting their attention on some trifling matter,’ She said, and used to call me Rajkunwar.

We were all staying in a school and after dinner She would start giving realisation to people. She asked me to keep my hands under Her Lotus Feet. Mr Modi, who was then the leader, used to understand everything. I personally never understood anything, as for me what She said was it. If She said I was realised now, for me I was that.

She worked on my back like this – the raising of the Kundalini. Then Mother looked very lovingly and sang a beautiful song, ‘Par Brahma Parameshwar.’ She sang so beautifully. That face was so joyous, so loving and so happy. And like this, She gave realisation to four or five people until midnight. The next day She sat alone and called each one individually to give them Self Realisation.