1960-1980Chapter 13Experiences

A question of My attention

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There was a big house in Delhi in 1979 where one room was for Shri Mataji and we were staying in the other rooms. Some of the English Sahaja Yogis were there also and outside there was a big pendal and in that we had public programmes every evening.

‘Mother is calling you. She is having a lot of problem with Her left ear,’ Mrs Raolbai said one afternoon.

‘What was the problem?’ we asked. We went in and Shri Mataji was really in pain and I didn’t know what to do.

‘Put your hands to My ears and put some oil with garlic and everything,’ She said.

‘Now what’s going to happen?’ we said. ‘Should we take Shri Mataji to the hospital? Should we call the doctor?’ It went on until about six-thirty when somebody came.

‘Mother, everybody is ready outside,’ he said. ‘People have gathered and they’re waiting for You.’

‘Ah, OK,’ She said and asked us to go out. She dressed in five minutes and came out at about quarter to seven. She gave Her talk and about eighty new people had come. At that time it was a custom that all the old Sahaja Yogis would go on Mother’s Feet at the end. It went on until about eleven-thirty. I was always looking at Mother’s face. She never showed even a sign that She had a pain in Her ear.

‘Either there was no pain or the pain vanished,’ I said to myself, but it was always in my mind. After about two years, I had an opportunity to ask Shri Mataji about this.

‘What was it? Did You really have a pain at that time?’

‘It’s all a question of My attention. Whenever I have pain, My attention was on the pain and when there was the public programme, My attention was on the new people. It was on the Sahaja Yogis. So when My attention is not there, that thing doesn’t exist for Me.’

Avdhut Pai