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A puja and advice

We had some celebrations for Diwali at Surbiton ashram in 1983 – Shri Mataji talked to us and then we had fireworks in the garden which Shri Mataji watched from inside Her flat, and Debu Choudhuri came to give a sitar concert, but was not feeling well and the concert had to be delayed. Shri Mataji spent some time healing his Swadishthan chakra and liver and ultimately he felt so well that he gave what he considered one of his best concerts.

Shri Mataji invited everybody to stay the night at the ashram after the celebrations and suggested that we all get up at 4 am for meditation the next day. The celebrations finished late so there was hardly any sleep but Shri Mataji was there in person in Her flat and we could all feel Her presence in the ashram, and getting up collectively in big numbers very early for meditation was a memorable occasion and a very deep experience. We were all mindful not to make noise as the noise travelled through the floorboards from the first floor onto Shri Mataji’s apartment on the ground floor.

Shri Mataji mentioned at the time that She was not pleased that something had been published in a London Sahaja Yoga newsletter, i.e. an isolated quote of Hers, taken out of context, and which might have caused misunderstandings. The issue was to do with neighbours. In a certain talk Shri Mataji had warned that some neighbours can at times give problems to Sahaja Yoga. We all know that Shri Mataji does not preach hatred towards neighbours, much to the contrary, and great care has always been needed in selecting isolated statements.

Luis Garrido

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