A prayer answered

The musician Aslam Khan is the brother-in-law of Baba Zaheer, the qawwali singer from Hyderabad who always sang before Shri Mataji. He told this miracle story.

Around the time of Eid, the Muslim festival, Aslam Khan was very worried as there was no money to buy presents for his family. This festival being like Christmas and Diwali, it is celebrated with feasts and presents. They had barely enough to prepare a biryani.

One day before Eid he prayed to Allah to show him a miracle by which he could get a programme and with the money get gifts. Eid was next day. Just then his phone rang and he got a call, asking if he was free to sing Sufi songs at the house of the Chairman of the Shipping Corporation, Mr CP Srivastava, on Napean Sea Rd, and he should come immediately.

Luckily he lived nearby and arrived at the house of Shri Mataji, as it was also Kalpana Didi’s sangeet ceremony before her marriage in Mumbai. He went there, sang for two to three hours and was handed an envelope. When he went home he opened the envelope and found 2,000 rupees in it, which was a very high sum in those days. He didn’t know who Shri Mataji was, and broke down and wept silently and thanked Allah!

Deepa Mahajan