1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

A mixing device

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I can remember Shri Mataji working on people. People would come and visit Her. Sometimes Indians would come to worship Her as an incarnation, and then they would disappear again. Then there would be people who had heard of Her or people that Sahaja Yogis had brought along and She would work extensively on them, sometimes for hours. Shri Mataji would talk to them and find out where their attitudes were and suggest things to them.

Once, two or three Sahaja Yogis tried to raise a gentleman’s Kundalini and it wasn’t happening. At the same time I was playing with these kind of electronic spoons, a mixing device that Douglas had bought.

‘Can you come and help?’ they said to me. I remember moving this spoon machine up behind his back as we tried to raise this man’s Kundalini and up it shot.

‘See. That’s how it’s done,’ Shri Mataji said.

Kevin Anslow