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A miracle at Brompton Square

A miracle at Brompton Square | Sahajayoga Reviews

It was a wonderful time for all of us when Shri Mataji was renovating Her house in Brompton Square off Knightsbridge. We were often there, sometimes for days together, and always working under Her personal directions.

One day Mother asked two of us to clean the marble in all the bathrooms. We didn’t know what to use

‘Try this,’ She said, handing us a tin of brown liquid furniture polish. There wasn’t that much in the tin, probably about a quarter full. This was a very pleasant job, and we worked for some hours, finally arriving at the top of the house to finish the last bathroom. It was Sir CP’s room. Mother was with us and my friend remarked how amazing it was that we had cleaned all this marble, and yet there was still polish in the tin. Shri Mataji agreed and we all looked at the tin, marvelling that the polish had lasted so long. At that moment, the polish overflowed out of the tin and made a huge stain on the beautiful new pale yellow carpet. We were amazed and shocked.

‘Oh, we must have praised the polish so much, it has overflowed,’ Mother said. As for the stain, She told us to sprinkle some water on it and then She gave it a bandhan, and told us not to worry about it.

The next day I went to the house as usual, and I was asked to arrange some things in Sir CP’s room. I had forgotten the stain on the carpet and was busy arranging the linen when I suddenly remembered it. I could not find any evidence at all of any stain whatsoever. The carpet looked just like new, not a single mark on it!

Patty Prole

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