1981-1983Chapter 24Experiences

A life lesson

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire | Sahajayoga Reviews

In 1983, when Shri Mataji visited us again in New York, we had to be instructed that if we wanted to have Her return we would have to invite Her. I thought this was so cool, because I knew that the false gurus just showed up at their convenience.

We were led in the puja by Dr Rustom and Patrick Redican. The crown we offered was based on brown cardboard and white paste – what innocence this exuberant childlike love created among us. Saris were shared and kurta-pyjamas secured from a whole other world, from Indian Queens, Forest Hill, New York. After the puja Shri Mataji went into the back bedroom. We decided to watch the just taped video of the puja and after a few minutes we heard Mother’s voice.

‘What are you watching out there?’

‘The puja, Mother,’ we sang out in unison.

‘Well turn it off. You didn’t absorb it the first time,’ She was totally practical. It was a life lesson we all learned and had many years ahead to absorb fully.

Judy Gaddy