1981-1983Chapter 26Experiences

A kumkum story

A lot of clearing out went on | Sahajayoga Reviews

We were in Delhi, at the Safdarjung Temple, in 1983. Shri Mataji was sitting on the dais and I was standing near the door of the bedroom. Another Delhi Sahaja Yogini, Mrs Mathur, was next to me. We were watching the yogis and yoginis going up and giving things to Shri Mataji to vibrate. Mrs Mathur wanted to get some kumkum vibrated, so she fetched a potful to give to Shri Mataji, and was waiting her turn. When it came she asked Shri Mataji a couple of times, but there was no responseHH.

‘I heard you what you are asking, but check the kumkum box – there is no kumkum inside,’ Shri Mataji told her. Mrs Mathur felt so embarrassed, and checked the container – it was empty!

Oh Divine Mother, nothing is hidden from You! Your glance can penetrate anywhere and into anything. You are beyond our comprehension.

Pramila Mehra