1987 - 1989Chapter 3Experiences

A havan in the garden

Shri Mataji knew exactly what was there | Sahajayoga Reviews

On Her second visit a havan was performed, at Shri Mataji’s request, in the back garden of the ashram. Later in the afternoon, She came and sat on a chair on the lawn near where we had had the havan.

I don’t remember if everyone went before Shri Mataji, but I finally had the opportunity to present Her with a small ceramic bowl I had bought a long time before. I used to keep it in a drawer, wrapped in tissue-paper, and would occasionally take it out and admire it. It was quite simple, but had pretty blue hydrangea flowers painted on it and some piercing near the border. The last time I had taken it out to look at it I was amazed at the blast of vibrations that came off it. When I had shown it to our leader, Brian, to ask if I could offer it to Her his immediate remark was, ‘Wow, this has accumulated some vibrations!’

Shri Mataji didn’t pass comment on the bowl but accepted it graciously.

Bryce Clendon