1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

A glass of water

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I was born in Athens in 1945 and as a child knew it was necessary for me to learn English, which I did at the age of eleven and it was most useful later when I met Shri Mataji. At the age of seventeen I had a vision of Lord Jesus in my house, during Easter time, the most frustrating period of the year for me, as I could not bear the crucifixion. Shri Jesus appeared on the cross and as He saw me so frustrated, the nails came off His hands and feet, He came down from the cross, and smiling He sat with me at a large empty dinner table. During His visit I asked why we sat at such a large table and He answered that it would soon be filled with people. He then asked me for a glass of water and some bread, and to touch His wounds. I felt a lot of pain and He said not to worry but to remember Him at a later date when the time was right.

A few years later I went to England and on the March 21st 1970 got married there. My real seeking started and by the mid-seventies I knew I was searching for ‘my Mother’. In about 1977, during a lunch break from work, in Wellingborough, in the Midlands, feeling very sad and depressed from my fruitless search, I walked into a bookshop and pulled out a magazine. I opened a page at random and there was a picture of Shri Mataji. I knew, looking at that divine photograph, that my search was over, as I saw the One I had been looking for. Under the picture was the time and place of the meeting – 7.00 pm, Caxton Hall, London.

I drove to London immediately after work, arrived at Caxton Hall and found it absolutely packed with people. I squeezed through the crowd and found a seat in the third row exactly opposite Shri Mataji, who was wearing a white sari. In those days Shri Mataji, after Her talk, would get up and go to every single person, touching their heads and giving realisation. Anxiously waiting for my turn, after giving realisation to the person before me, She passed by, absolutely ignoring me, and on Her way to the next person I saw in a flash, Lord Jesus, as I had seen Him, when He asked me to remember Him years before. Overwhelmed, I touched Her sari, brought it to my forehead and silently sent out the thought: ‘My Lord, even touching Your gown is enough for me.’

Shri Mataji turned and came back to me. I embraced Her round Her waist and rested my head on Her Nabhi, crying my heart out.

‘Mother, at long last I have found You. May I please become Your daughter?’ I cried. She laughed in the same way Lord Jesus had done in my vision.

‘But you already are My daughter,’ She answered, and asked for a glass of water. Someone brought it to Her. She vibrated it and asked me to drink. I drank half of it and with the rest She washed my face. That was my first encounter with Shri Mataji.

Maria Laventzi