1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

A different universe altogether

Friday 28th January – diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

Mother arranged a weekend at Her house at Hurst Green — Icehouse Wood, Hurst Green near Oxted in Sussex. We all went down there by train. It was extraordinary because there we were, a very strange collection of people in an extremely ‘nice’ neighbourhood.

‘Not even a rat would enter because the houses there were so perfect,’ Shri Mataji described it. The neighbours never had visitors, let alone about fifteen straggling, hippie-type people dressed in jeans.

In Shri Mataji’s house there was a big drawing room downstairs with beautiful Indian rugs and things like that and then a room up the stairs that was on the mezzanine. It was very sunny and there were large statues of deities and a beautiful Shri Ganesha.

Maureen Rossi