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A custody issue

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At Shudy Camps, in 1987, a Sahaja Yogi asked Shri Mataji whether She could help him with his personal situation.  He was contemplating suing his ex-wife for custody of their son.  Shri Mataji said She would help.

Before the details of the case were related to Shri Mataji, She explained to him that in English law the custody of a young child is usually decided in favour of the mother, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Shri Mataji then enquired whether the mother was unfit or addicted to drugs or mentally unwell. The Sahaja Yogi said that she was not, but that she had always had custody of the child, and now it should be his turn to have custody.

‘When was the last time you sent money for the child?’ Shri Mataji asked. The Sahaja Yogi could not remember. Then She asked, ‘When was the last time you visited the child?’ Again the Sahaja Yogi could not remember. Then Shri Mataji said, ‘Do you think the child would rather live with you than with his mother?’ The Sahaja Yogi said he had no idea.

Now Shri Mataji was ready to give advice.

‘I think I can help you,’ She said. ‘Give up completely the idea of suing your ex-wife for custody of the child. You will save yourself a lot of grief, and a lot of time and money.’

The Sahaja Yogi felt very despondent that Shri Mataji had not given him the answer he wanted to hear, and sat in a corner of the room.

‘Are you still sulking?’ Shri Mataji told him, ‘Can’t you see that it is not fair to remove a small child from the mother?’ But still he was not uplifted, so She tried another angle. ‘If you lose the case, your reputation as a good father and a caring person will be destroyed, even your reputation as a good Sahaja Yogi would be affected because it is clear that you neglected your child, isn’t it? Do you feel comfortable dragging down the name of Sahaja Yoga to the courts?’

At last this Sahaja Yogi realised that Shri Mataji had the welfare of all concerned in mind and he too was being helped, and a big smile appeared on his face.

Luis Garrido