1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

A burst of tremendous joy

She encouraged us to eat heartily | Sahajayoga Reviews

In 1977, after I physically met Shri Mataji, She would tell the others that I’d been with Her for more than a year. It apparently went back to the previous year when She raised my Kundalini.

I was at college, in Loughborough, Leicestershire, walking alone, contemplating the meaning of life and yearning to find my ‘guru’. I was crossing a large field at sunset – it was Spring 1976 – 5th May, and as I was walking, I suddenly felt this huge rush of something up my spine. I then felt a burst of tremendous joy. I was just laughing and gushing with this overwhelming bliss. It lasted for quite a while, even after a college mate came and started talking to me. He thought someone had drugged me, and told me so. He came to Birmingham several years later, and insisted that I ‘teach’ him Sahaja Yoga – and he later started Sahaja Yoga in Malaysia.

How wonderfully overwhelming it is, every time we dare to remember, that our Mother and guru is the Adi Shakti Herself, and that She has actually accepted us as Her disciples.

Bala Kanayson