1998 - 2011Chapter 14Experiences

A blissful morning with Shri Mataji

This morning, Sunday 17th May 2009, Shri Mataji expressed a desire to see some artistic items, amongst the gifts that were offered to Her in the past weeks. A variety of artifacts, tea sets, marble statues and ceramic plates were brought in front of Mother. She was admiring and directing the attention of the yogis present to every detail of these beautiful illustrations of craftsmanship: the fine chiseling on the silver, the delicate motherly features of the statue, the scenes depicted in the painting. Shri Mataji wanted to know everything about the gifts: the name of the artists, the place where we found these items, and much more.

There was a lovely moment when Mother gazed long upon a beautiful book on the Renaissance.

‘Today I am very happy!’ Shri Mataji remarked with a loving smile, and our hearts were filled with joy.

Anonymous Italian Sahaja Yogi

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