Sahaja Yoga has been successfully implemented in schools, corporations, universities and various public institutions and has tremendously helped multitudes overcome several personal as well as outside obstacles that cause hindrances in achieving personal or professional goals while maintaining a state of balance within our being. Sahaja Yoga has helped many overcome anxiety, become extremely strong and confident human beings, improved productivity, performance and much more because of their improved attention and being in a balanced state.

Let us see how Sahaja Yoga has helped in schools by narrating just one of the many experiences of a Sahaja Yoga practitioner in school with students –
“Arti and I had our first meditation session with (10) students and (2) counselors at Easton High school this morning.  There were more boys than girls.  They were not very talkative while in a group, but a few of them were open to talk to us when they were by themselves with us.  It saddened me to hear them speak about the stress that is “just a part of my life” as one girl described it.  It was as if she accepted it and it made me realize firsthand the state of our children here in the US.  I am humbled by Shri Mataji’s gift of opening the doors to this school for us and to allow us to work with Her children there.

In today’s meditation, we just had the students put their hands on their hearts and then at the top of their heads.  We meditated about 10 minutes. One boy who was particularly closed when he came into the room, said he felt much better and offered a small smile.  Another boy said on a scale of 1-10, with 10 feeling the best, he was at a 7 and was happy that his mind which was all over the place this morning was calmer.  The counselor cannot stop telling me how excited she is that “we’re” doing this.  Of course, we know that it is not us at all who is doing this :).  She has 90 children in her program and believes this meditation will grow to the point where we will need a much bigger room than we had this morning.”

The feedback given by some of the students speaks volumes of how Sahaja Yoga has made an impact in their lives –

A boy, maybe ten years old, sat, eyes closed, grinning and saying out loud, “I’m forgiving myself….I’m forgiving myself” and when he opened his eyes, we asked him how he felt and he replied, “Like I’ve got an ice pack on my head!” (cool!).

Another student, about thirteen came up to our area and said in a rather mocking tone “What is THIS all about?” Then he sat down and went into meditation for at least ten minutes. When he opened his eyes he said, “I’ve just entered a whole new world…I feel like a different person.”

One of the other stallholders when asked if she wanted to learn how to meditate she asked: “What makes you think I don’t know already?” She sat down and was kind of swaying around on her chair. George Darley Doran helped her achieve an improved inner balance, she calmed down and stayed in deep meditation for 15 minutes. When she opened her eyes she said, “This is different to anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s so simple and practical and effective. I definitely want to pursue this.”

One girl, about 15, went into meditation for ten minutes and then said, “This is fantastic. This is SO right for me.” Then she ran off and came back with a friend, sat her down and told her, “OK, close your eyes, take your attention up above your head, stop thinking and forgive everybody.”

Imagine a world if all kids practiced Sahaja Yoga while in schools or colleges – not only would there be winds of change, of positivity, joy, and balance, but the students would most certainly grow stronger, more confident in coming face-to-face with difficulties and challenges that come their way.

Sahaja Yoga in corporations –

We often tend to separate the problems within corporate world from our personal world – trying to maintain a different or a brave face during challenging times, but the paths do meet eventually and a turmoil can eventually lead to a breaking point in any human being. Corporations are starting to realize the impact of emotional and mental well-being on the overall productivity as well as the stability of both the corporation as well as its employee and are starting to pay close attention towards how to achieve a holistic state of balance.  Sahaja Yoga has had a tremendous impact on bringing balance as narrated by the employees themselves –


“I am a Senior Software Engineer and used to be too stressed with work pressures and workload other than some personal crises. It’s been three years now that I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation, and things have changed tremendously. I do it regularly before I start my day and end my day. It’s like I am charging myself for all the stress and fuss the way we charge our mobile. This simple meditation has changed my life amazingly. Things have not changed but my attitude towards life has changed. I am at peace with myself.  Trust me it’s worth giving a try!”

Imagine being at a workplace where employees are more balanced, joyful, stress-free and extremely productive – Is that a utopian idea? Most certainly not if corporations start to identify the overall well-being of the world begins from the connection to our true inner being.